Tampa Sportsbooks

Tampa SportsbooksOnce the FL government formally legalizes sports betting in the state (which, by all accounts, should happen sometime in the next few years), all of the major players in Florida’s gambling industry are likely to offer sportsbooks. And the biggest one, without question, will be Tampa sportsbooks. That’s because Tampa, as a gambler’s destination, has two things going for it. First, it is the only city on the Gulf side of the state with a casino presence, and secondly, its casino – the Seminole Hard Rock Tampa – happens to be one of the largest in the world.

Additionally, given that it’s a Hard Rock venue, the Tampa-area casino should be able to tap into its ownership’s experience and have a fully-featured sportsbook ready to go out of the gate. With a yearly customer base of millions of gamblers (as it’s the only casino for hundreds of miles and the sole destination for those living in the northern part of the state), the Seminole Hard Rock Tampa sportsbook promises to be the de facto (and gold!) standard for sports betting in the northern half of Florida itself.

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Is Sports Betting Currently Legal In Tampa

Sports betting is currently not legal in Tampa, at least when it comes to wagering at land-based facilities inside the city (or state). This is because, despite the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) being overturned by the Supreme Court in May 2018, the Florida legislature must now pass its own rules and regulations regarding the pastime before any legal Florida sportsbooks can open in any existing or future gambling destinations.

All that said, until FL law explicitly sets out the guidelines and begins licensing brick-and-mortar locations for sportsbook operations, you can still legally bet on sports in Florida right now by signing up for free at one of several offshore sportsbooks that have been serving FL residents for decades. These books – Bovada, SportsBetting, BetOnline, and other top providers – all offer fair, unweighted lines (which is important in a state with so many popular local clubs, as Tampa bettors will no doubt have to pay their local bookmakers a premium on any Buccaneers, Lightning, or Rays bets, for example), robust boards, one-click wagering, and guaranteed payouts.

Using these sportsbooks is also 100% legal for FL residents, and – even when Florida’s own sportsbooks go live – it’ll still be a wise move to have multiple online betting shop memberships so you can always get the best values for your sports bets, no matter what.

Legal Sports Betting Age Limit At Tampa Sportsbooks

The legal sports betting age limit at Tampa sportsbooks is slated to be 21 years old once the state formally rolls out sports wagering services to the public. However, if you use legal offshore FL sportsbooks over the Internet, these sites peg their age minimums at just 18, so younger bettors can get a bit of a head-start by going that route. This is something you’d be doing at your own risk, as we advise to stick with the 21 and up rule held at Florida casinos now.

Best Sportsbooks In Tampa

The best sportsbooks in Tampa will be a debate for a future time, as currently, there is only one location in the area that will have a sportsbook up and running as soon as the state legalizes the service. Because the Hard Rock Tampa is such a powerful and established local enterprise, of course, there’s a decent chance that for at least the next few years, the Hard Rock will be not just Tampa’s best sportsbook but Tampa’s only sportsbook.

However, despite having a sort of regional monopoly on sports betting in Florida, you can expect the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Tampa sportsbook to live up to its standards of quality and customer service by offering a comprehensive, competitively-priced sports betting odds board for its patrons. After all, the Hard Rock brand has a reputation to uphold, and – weighted odds for local teams notwithstanding – you can be sure that the Hard Rock will offer its guests all the best perks and freebies (including drinks!) that casino gamers and slots players are used to.

Seminole Hard Rock Sportsbook

Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino

Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and CasinoThe Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Tampa is Florida’s largest and most luxurious gambling destination. As the fourth largest casino in the US and the sixth largest casino in the entire world, the Tampa Hard Rock is the ultimate resort for fans of just about every kind of casino attraction. As such, once FL formally legalizes sports betting in the state, the Seminole Hard Rock sportsbook will be the most sought-after new attraction in the entire region.

The Tampa Seminole Hard Rock sportsbook, once it goes live, will have thousands of wagering options daily, including action from both domestic national leagues like the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL and international sports like soccer, rugby, cricket, and more. Even better, no matter what you’re wagering on, you’ll get to choose from multiple lines and odds, including wager types like point spreads, straights, totals, props, futures, and parlays. With live betting also in the works, you’ll actually be able to place hundreds of wagers on each and every contest on the docket. Over the course of a full betting year, the Hard Rock Tampa will offer its sports betting clientele literally millions of different wagers to choose from.

Currently, the Seminole Hard Rock Tampa sportsbook is planned to be situated directly in or very near to the venue’s 190,000 square feet of main floor gaming space, and this sports betting lounge will include drink service, comfortable seating, and a huge number of flat-screen TVs broadcasting all the day’s major games, 24-7-365. And when you aren’t playing at the Hard Rock sportsbook, you can take in the venue’s other attractions, including its world-class hotel resort, the Rock Spa and Salon, the Council Oak Lounge, the Plum VIP Lounge, and more.

The restaurant scene at the Hard Rock is also first-rate, with its signature Hard Rock Café headlining a menu rich in variety, including the famous Council Oak Steak House, a sushi bar, and a host of watering holes peppered across the property. For shopping, patrons have access to the typical Hard Rock swag shop, the Native American-themed Rainmaker shop, and the Lucky Cigar, a top-flight smoke shop open all day, every day. Additionally, some of the best retail shopping centers in the state are located just around the corner from the Hard Rock, as are all the famous Tampa Bay beaches.