How To Bet On The Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay BuccaneersFor those wanting to know how to bet on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, you’ve come to the right place. Sports betting in Florida is as popular as ever, and the Bucs fall under that category with a great following. This is why we’ve taken time to talk about how to bet on the Bucs, as well as the variety of wagers that can be made. Finally, we delve into the different places in which you can bet on Tampa Bay throughout the course of the season, as some of the top-rated online sportsbooks have some great Bucs betting odds. Throughout the course of the NFL season, there will be a variety of ways in which bettors can place a wager on Bucs games. Further down below, we will go into detail on the different game lines, and other betting lines. These weekly Tampa Bay Bucs betting odds are formed by oddsmakers in the week leading up to the next matchup and chance throughout the course of the season.

Best Sites For Wagering On Bucs Games

There are several great online sportsbooks out there which field great wagers on the NFL and the Tampa Bay Bucs. In fact, bettors can find some great betting odds, sportsbook bonuses, and more when choosing one. We at have reviewed our No.1 sportsbook for wagering on the Bucs, but have also listed a number of others that we have visited, reviewed and played. So be sure to check them out and see all of the NFL lines that are offered.

Legal Bovada Super Bowl Betting In Florida

Bovada SportsbookBovada’s sportsbook is very highly regarded, and there's a good reason for that. They offer some of the best betting lines on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. On Bovada, you will be able to find game lines for every Bucs game of the season and throughout the playoffs. They also offer game and player props as well as plenty of futures odds on the Bucs. When it comes down to it, Bovada has you covered for any and all Tampa Bay Buccaneers betting lines that you can think of.

BetOnline Super Bowl 57 Betting Odds

BetOnline SportsbookBetOnline is an elite sportsbook, and well placed within the top tier of online sportsbooks. The main draw of BetOnline is that they function similar to an online version of a bookie page. There’s not a lot of fancy bells and whistles at BetOnline, just you and the wagers you want to place. Their actual betting functionality is second to none, and they provide great odds on almost every possible aspect of the game. BetOnline’s wagering setup is spectacular for Super Bowl LVII, and Buccaneers bettors can find odds for props on nearly every player on the team if and when they get there. BetOnline also offers Super Bowl LVII live betting for those who wish to wager during the big game.

MyBookie Super Bowl 57 Live Betting

MyBookie SportsbookMyBookie is a well known sportsbook, and when it comes to betting on the Bucs, their selections are second to none. The entire sidebar of their website is devoted to wagers on Super Bowl LVII when the season comes around, and if you want to get specific to the Bucs, you can wager on individual receivers, individual running backs, team totals, the spread, and more. If there’s a possible bet you could make, MyBookie is likely offering action on it. Make sure to check out MyBookie for all of your Bucs betting needs in SB LVII.

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl Game Lines Explained

Before you start trying to place bets on the Bucs, it’s important to know how Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ games lines work. No matter which sportsbook you choose to use, there are three main wagering types that will appear for every NFL game throughout the season. These are known as the moneyline, spread, and total bets. These bets provide the foundation for all other odds listed for the Buccaneers and each one of them provides a unique way to potentially win big on your favorite NFC South team. This is why we’ve listed out a brief summary of each one below:

Moneyline – A moneyline bet, also known as betting straight up, is wh ere you choose who you believe will win the game, no matter what the final score is. The favorite to win the game is listed with a minus sign and the underdog has a plus sign. These lines also list what the payout would be if you choose either team. If the Bucs are listed at (-135) that would mean that they are favored to win the game and you would have to pay 135 just to win 100. The opposite would be true if they had a plus sign.

At the 2020-21 Super Bowl the Bucs were a +140 moneyline underdog against the Chiefs (-160).

Spread – Spread betting on the Bucs is best if you’re very confident about the outcome of the game. That is because spread bets factor in what the final score of the game will be. If the Bucs are listed at (-7) then in order for you to win that bet they would have to win the game by more than 7 points. If they lose the game or if they win by less than 7 then betting on the opposing team would make you win the bet.

At Super Bowl 55, the Buccaneers were a three-point underdog (+3.0) to the Chiefs, slightly less than the three and half point underdogs they were in the regular-season meeting between the teams.

Total – A totals bet, or over/under bet, gives no regard to the winner or loser of a game, rather on what the combined total score will be once the game ends. For example, let’s say the Bucs are playing the Saints and the line is set at 49.5 and you bet the over, you’re essentially saying that both teams will combine to score more than 49.5 points. The reason that there is a half-point attached to the line is to eliminate the possibility of a “push”. A push would mean that the bookie predicted the number exactly and would have to return all bets no matter if you chose the over or under.

During Super Bowl 55, the point total was set at 56.0 which is the third-highest point total in Super Bowl history.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Player Prop Bets

For that Super Bowl, many bettors tuned in to to bet on Bucs player prop bets. The leading candidate of these will be Tom Brady, who has quite a few prop bets surrounding him.

Bettors could wager on the over-under for Brady’s passing yards, which sits at 300.5 for -115 betting odds. Total touchdowns for Brady sits at +110 for over 2.5 and -143 for under 2.5. Bettors can wager on Brady to have over or under 25.5 completions, both for -114 betting odds. Brady also has -200 odds to throw at least one interception, with +152 for him to remain clean on INTs.

Bettors can find all of these player props and much, much more at the online Super Bowl sportsbooks like Bovada, BetOnline, and MyBookie.

Total Receiving Yards

  • Total Passing Attempts
  • Total Completions
  • Will Player X Score A Touchdown?
  • Total Rushing Yards
  • Total Passing Yards
  • Player To Score Touchdown Anytime

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Team Prop Bets

Just like player props for the Bucs, Tampa Bay team props are formed for every matchup during the course of the season. Team props can cover a variety of topics, and generally do not directly relate to the actual outcome of the game, unlike the game lines we talked about earlier. Let's look at a couple of examples.

Tampa Bay Bucs Total Offensive TD vs. Minnesota Vikings

  • Over 2.5 Offensive Touchdowns
  • Under 2.5 Offensive Touchdowns

This is a wager made on the touchdown total for the Bucs for a game against the Vikings. The bet is made on the actual total going over or under two. If Tampa Bay scores exactly two touchdowns, then the wager would result in a push, with the bettor getting their money back.

Will The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Win The NFC South?

  • Yes +600

Place a wager on whether or not Tampa Bay will win the NFC South division, with the betting line paying out +600, or 6/1. This is a different type of team prop that does not deal directly with an individual game. The +600 indicates that you only have to bet 100 dollars to win 600.

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Deposits At Tampa Bay Buccaneers Betting Sites

In order to start betting on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for real money, you will need to fund your account. Deposits at Tampa Bay Buccaneers betting sites are completely hassle-free. You will have a wide variety of funding options to choose from, many of which are instant. Credit cards are typically the most popular, with banking limits ranging from $50 to $5,000. Bitcoin is our recommended deposit option, being more reliable than Visa or MasterCard. The limits are usually more flexible, with Buccaneers betting sites allowing deposits of anywhere from $10 to $25,000 with no additional fees. Other NFL betting deposit methods include checks, money orders, and Western Union. Bank wire transfers are also available, which is a popular method for high rollers because there are no banking maximums.

Mobile NFL Betting on the Buccaneers

For added convenience, you can access mobile NFL betting on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on your smartphone or tablet. From your mobile device, you can access all of the essential sportsbook features while on the go. Fund your sports betting account, claim big bonuses, and start placing wagers. All of the same Buccaneers betting odds will be available from your smartphone or tablet, and you can still bet on the moneyline, total, spread, and more. All of the best online sportsbooks offer mobile betting platforms that are compatible with iOS, Android, and BlackBerry devices. There is no download required, and you can type the online sportsbook’s web address into your mobile browser to be directed straight to the sports betting site. You can also use these sites to bet on the Jacksonville Jaguars and other NFL teams.

Live Betting On Tampa Bay Buccaneers Games

Another way to bet on the Bucs is by placing live bets. This is a new up and coming feature that can be found at most online sportsbooks. These sportsbooks will feature live betting sections, in which players can go in and check out the games that are currently being played. Not every game for the Bucs' will be featured to bet live, it's generally the ones televised nationally or in a very big region. However, it's a way to get in on the action for a variety of props within the game, as well as different point spreads and over/under totals formed throughout.

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Other Ways To Wager On The Tampa Bay Bucs

Game lines and props are not the only methods in which bettors can wager on the Bucs. In fact, there are several futures bets that can be placed. A Futures wager on the Bucs would be their Super Bowl Odds, NFC Championship Odds, and the odds to win the NFC South division. These betting lines are typically up almost all year long, as the NFL does not have to be in season for these bets to be fielded by oddsmakers if the online sportsbook has them up. Bucs Super Bowl odds can be found on a number of online sportsbooks throughout the course of the season and in the offseason leading up to the start of the year. Then during the season, these odds will change weekly depending on how Tampa Bay performs.

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Betting Odds FAQ’s

Are There Any Casinos Where I Can Bet On The Buccaneers In Florida?

Currently there are no land-based casinos where you can bet on the Buccaneers in Florida. What you can do is go on a casino cruise. Victory Casino Cruises travel to international waters where state laws won’t affect you. Most of your time is spent traveling to and from the location where you can actually bet on sports, and there are not as many options as you would find at an online sportsbook. You can also wait until the Seminole tribe launch sportsbooks at their Hard Rock casinos, one of which is located in Tampa.

How Do I Request Payouts At Buccaneers Betting Sites?

The whole point of betting on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is to make a profit, and online sportsbooks make it easy to collect your winnings. In order to request payouts at Buccaneers Betting Sites, just visit the online cashier, select your method, and enter the amount you would like to withdraw. There are numerous payout methods, all of which are 100% safe and secure. You can use Bitcoin for the fastest sportsbook withdrawals, with funds being credited to your wallet within minutes of being processed. There are also no fees when requesting Bitcoin payouts. Other options can include checks, bank wires, and even MoneyGram. Always look for payout rewards where the online sportsbook will waive payout fees where applicable.

Are There Bonuses For Betting On The Buccaneers?

There are tons of bonuses for betting on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at online sportsbooks. The biggest bonuses are usually offered when you create a new account. The online sportsbook will match your initial deposit amount by 50, 75, or even 100 percent. This gives you more opportunities to wager on Buccaneers betting odds. Some sites also offer reload bonuses that you can use for recurring deposits, or free bets for trying out features like live betting. Bonuses and rewards change often, so make sure to check the Promotions page of your online sportsbook often.

Do Online Offshore Sportsbooks Offer Standard Wagering Types For The Bucs?

These sportsbooks will offer all the common wager types you would expect to see at a Vegas sportsbook. That includes moneylines, spreads, and point totals. These will all be continually updated throughout the season and will be listed before the next game. However, these lines may change if something drastic happens like a certain player getting injured in the middle of the week or if the weather of the game might become a large factor in the outcome.