Florida Horse Racing Betting

One of the more widely accepted forms of sports betting in Florida is pari-mutuel wagering. Being able to bet on the horses and on races all across the country are one of the best ways to really increase the excitement surrounding an already thrilling event. Knowing whether or not it is legal to wager on these events can help residents to rest easy before they place their hard-earned money on a race or two.

We’ll go over all of the aspects of Florida horse racing betting as well as review the legal aspect of betting on the horses, both at land-based locations and online. Betting venues available to residents will be listed below, as well as several reviews of online horse racing betting websites. Just think of this as your all-inclusive guide to betting on Florida horse races. After all, sports betting in Florida and horse racing in Florida are very related.

Horse Racing Betting at Bovada Racebook

Super Bowl Betting In Florida

Horse racing isn’t the only thing on the docket for anyone betting on sports in Florida, as the Super Bowl can provide more ways to wager than almost anything. You can use international online sportsbooks to bet on the Super Bowl in Florida, and many horse race bettors will choose to do so on Super Bowl Sunday.

Best Online Horse Racing Betting Websites

There are multiple ways to get involved in horse races for sports betting in Florida. One of the main ways is using online betting sites. They have plenty of horse races that will pop up and give many betting options. Once you sign up which requires bettors to be 18, there will be plenty of promotions that may help bettors when it comes to wagering on horse races. Banking options that you have are very easy to use as well.

Bovada - Florida's Favorite Online Horse Racing Betting Site

Bovada RacebookFlorida is home to several horse racing tracks and Floridians cannot get enough of it. For those Florida residents that do not want to leave the comfort of their own home to bet the ponies, Bovada has you covered with their industry leading online racebook. They offer odds on any horse race that comes to mind not just in Florida, but around the world. You’ll be able to find futures odds and prop bets on all of these races and take action right from your fingertips.

BetOnline - The Best Horse Betting Website For Residents

BetOnline RacebookIf you’ve lived in Florida for more than a few days, you know that traffic is horrible. So trying to travel across the state in order to get to your nearest racetrack and betting location can be a total nightmare. With BetOnline racebook, though, you can access all of the day’s racing events from your computer or smartphone.

When you first log on, you’ll see the day’s scheduled events and the odds for each horse running in the event. From there you just choose the race and horse you’d like to bet on and it’s added to your bet slip. If you’re not looking to wager on any of the races that day, you can head over to BetOnline’s horse racing calendar, which has the times, dates, and runners for each racing event across the country.

In addition to one of the largest selections of races to wager on, BetOnline also has some of the most generous horse racing betting promotions available. You can receive up to a 7% rebate daily when you place your bets online. There’s no cap when it comes to this, giving you limitless returns every day you place a wager. They also have a deposit bonus which will match 25% of your funds every time you deposit money into your account, up to $1,000 each time. You can beat the bonuses at BetOnline.

Best Florida Racebooks - 100% Trusted + Safe
Bovada Sportsbook50% Up To $250VISA + Wire Transfer
BetOnline Sportsbook50% Up To $1,000 VISA, Bitcoin, Cash Wire
MyBookie Sportsbook50% New Member Bonus!VISA, Bitcoin
Xbet Sportsbook100% Up To $300 VISA, Bitcoin
Sportsbetting Sportsbook50% Up To $1,000 Bitcoin, Wire Xfer, VISA

Is It Legal To Bet On Horse Racing In Florida?

Betting on horse racing in Florida is a completely legal activity. While most forms of sports betting activity have been restricted and regulated by either state or federal law, betting on the horses has not. Whether you’re placing your wagers at the host track or an off-track betting venue, you are wholly within your legal rights. The only unlawful form of pari-mutuel betting in the state of Florida would be at an unlicensed facility or through the use of a singular bookie.

For those residents who enjoy betting the horses but don’t want to take a road trip to the nearest racetrack or OTB location will be happy to know that online horse racing betting is also legal in Florida. There are actually no laws on the books that reference using an online racebook. Because of this, all forms of online horse racing betting are legalized and available for residents of the Sunshine state. For recommendations on the best online horse racing betting sites, check out our reviews a little further down on the page.

Can Florida Residents Bet On The Triple Crown?

Florida residents who are also fans of horse racing’s biggest event will be happy to know that they are perfectly able to bet on the Triple Crown. There are no laws prohibiting betting on the races, and you’re well within your rights to place those wagers, so long as you’re doing it at licensed land-based locations.

OTB locations will have all three legs of the race for you to bet on, but if you’re looking for the best betting options available for all three races, head over to an online racebook. These horse betting websites allow users to enjoy the race in newer and more exciting ways.

Best Ways To Bet On The Horses

Horse Racing Betting at Bovada RacebookHorse racing betting provides a ton of different options for bettors. The more common types of pari-mutuel wagers placed are called straight bets. If you’re looking for a simple bet that doesn’t require much research into the horses running, you should check these types of wagers out. The straight bets you can place are called win, place, or show bets. These allow you to pick horses, and as long as they end up finishing in first, second, or third place, your bet is considered a winner.

If you want to put a little extra on this wager, you can choose to bet “across the board”. With this wager, you place an equal amount of money on the win, place, and show positions. If your horse comes in first place, you collect winnings on all three portions of the bet. If the horse comes in second, you collect the winnings on the place and show bets. Finishing third will allow you to collect the show bet.

There are also wagers called “exotic” wagers. These up the stakes by quite a bit, depending on which wager you choose to place. Depending on how lucky you’re feeling, you can choose something called an exacta, where you must choose the two horses who will finish in first and second place. A trifecta ups that to naming the first three finishing horses in exact order, and superfecta will have you naming the finishing order of the first four horses. If even one horse doesn’t finish where you say it will, your bet loses. But, with the higher risk, come much more profitable payouts.

While land-based horse tracks might include a couple of exotic wagers, they generally stick to straight bets. For a full variety of both straight and exotic wagers, your best bet is to go to an online horse racing betting site. These online racebooks provide the largest selection of wagering options for players looking to bet on the horses.

Which Racetracks Can I Bet On Horse Racing At?

In Florida, there are a number of different horse racing betting tracks scattered across the state. We’ve listed all of the active horse racing tracks in the Sunshine State, all of which provide stalls for you to place your wagers at. We also have a list of the off-track betting locations in the state. These are areas that allow bettors to wager on races that are taking place at different tracks. Betting in Tampa is a common favorite, as is betting in Hollywood.

These OTB locations will generally simulcast races taking place in the state, as well as several races out of state. They do not cover every race going on across the country, and you’ll be hard pressed to find an OTB venue that will take wagers on international horse racing events. To find those types of wagers, you’ll have to try an online racebook. We’ve gone ahead and reviewed a few of our favorite online horse racing betting websites at the bottom of this page.

  • Tampa Bay Downs
  • Hialeah Park
  • Gulfstream Park Racing and Casino
  • Florida Quarter Horse Racing
  • Calder Casino
  • Palm Meadows Training Center

Off-Track Betting Locations In Florida

  • Creek Entertainment Gretna
  • Premier Turf Club
  • Tampa Bay Downs
  • Racing Systems International